Mr. Skandinoovy Takes an Exciting Trip to Florida

After several weeks of anticipation, the day is here!

Today is the day Mr. Skandinoovy Takes an Exciting Trip to Florida goes live in digital and paperback. And by the end of the month, the hardback version will be ready to print.

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The Story





Mr. Skandinoovy is an adventurous and lovable Norwegian who has always dreamed of going to Florida. But one obstacle after another stands in his way! Will he be able to overcome them to make this his perfect dream vacation? This book tells his story not only with humor but also with bright, full-color images kids will love! The shared adventure awaits! Come join Mr. Skandinoovy on his trip to Florida.

Mr. Skandinoovy’s Humble Beginnings

The character of Mr. Skandinoovy was created by Hope Schmidgall when she was about 9 years old. He was first sketched up in one of Hope’s “paper-and-staples” books she used to create. Years later, she has given life to this likable character in her first children’s book going live today!

Hope has spent dozens and dozens of hours creating the 50-plus hand-drawn illustrations that are found in her new book. As part of her homeschool education, she learned an artistic app called Procreate on her iPad, using her Apple Pencil to draw and colorize her illustrations. It didn’t take her long to figure out the layers and artistic tools! We just can’t wait to get this work of hers onto your reading device and into your hands! From the hilarious and endearing story of Mr. Skandinoovy to the comical and colorful illustrations, this BRAND NEW release truly is a work of art!

Inside the Book

We think this book will appeal to parents, grandparents, and the young readers in your lives.

What can you expect?


Over 50 brilliant and colorful hand-drawn images. Many engaging, full-page illustrations


Available as 8.5” x 8.5” paperback, Apple digital book, and Kindle eBook


Light-hearted, clean humor. A heart-felt, thoughtful story. 1st story in the Mr. Skandinoovy series


Appeals to all ages (we think) but specifically to ages 6-9

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Kindle app available for Apple devices

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Author spotlight

Hope Schmidgall is a gymnastics-loving, art-creating teen who lives in midwestern Minnesota. From the young age of two, Hope started drawing as a way to express herself. She enjoys making art with various mediums and has become most fond of  creating digital artwork on her iPad. Hope is always up for a surprise adventure, even if that means things won’t always turn out as planned. Being the second oldest among 4 other siblings has taught Hope the value and finding joy in spite of the unexpected blunders of the day.

Hope Schmidgall

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