When a Child’s Big Idea Grows Up

I’ve told you about my big idea of writing a book, how I set goals to accomplish my big idea, and the steps I took to edit my proof copies.

My book didn’t exactly start out as something I really wanted to “put out there” to the world.

When kids create books

It all started when I was about six or seven and learning how to write. I would draw a couple different pictures on pieces of paper and attempt to write words about the pictures.

Paper-and-staples “publishing”

I would take these hand-drawn pictures and staple them together to make “books”. I would even keep them on the bookshelf in my bedroom and read them just like the other story books. I remember when I was younger I thought it was really cool to have my own stories on my bookshelf, especially when my sister Faith would choose to read them, too.

When I was eight or nine, I wrote another paper-and-staple book. The same character I created in that book happens to be in the book I am getting ready to launch. Back then it is was about five pages long and had lots of staples. It sure has come a long way since then!

A character that stuck

First character sketch from my childhood
First character sketch from my childhood

The reason I stuck with the same character from my childhood creation is because I could see the response I got with this character was different than what I got with my other “books”. My family thought he was pretty funny and that the story was clever (at least what was in the whole five pages). He seemed to just stick around, and when we started this idea of publishing stories, he was an idea that kept popping up for a book. I guess one could say he found a special place in our hearts.

One thing I’ve learned is I love bringing joy to people with my creativity, whether it’s through my art, a new gymnastics trick, a homemade card, a fresh-baked batch of cookies, or a story book.

And now I am excited to share this story to you! I’ve already shared it with my Norwegian nana who influenced my book, even if she didn’t know it at the time. I’ll share more about that in my next post!

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