Norwegians and Nana: Creating my Book Dedication

Today I have someone pretty special to talk about! My nana! Why would I tell you about my grandma? Because I dedicated my book to her. She has a light-hearted, Norwegian humor that always makes me laugh, and she offers lots of good advice.

Showing my proof copy off to Nana!
Showing off my proof copy to Nana!

You will find some of Nana’s characteristics in the main character of my book. She always has something funny to say with her little Norwegian twist. She says things like, “OOF DA!” and, “You betcha!”

On my nana’s side, the Norwegian heritage can be traced back for several generations. My nana told me, “Pretty much every generation, including my mom, was full-blooded Norwegian.” As I started paying more attention to the stories of my Norwegian heritage, I figured out that Norway seemed like the ideal setting for my character.

Fresvig Sogn Norway where my Norwegian ancestors come from
Fresvig Sogn Norway where my Norwegian ancestors come from

One of the traits that comes though in my main character is the fact that he can laugh at his own little mistakes and see them as a funny story instead of being embarrassed about them. My nana will often tell funny stories of her silly little mishaps, and she can laugh right along with us. She’s the kind of person who can remain confident with herself as she recalls these funny stories over and over again.

My nana’s wonderful personality and Norwegian humor gave me a bucketload of inspiration for my book! Naturally, I even included a drawing of her within the illustrations, and I will reveal all the other cameo appearances in my next post!

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