Mr. Skandinoovy’s Launch is in the Books!

What an eventful week for Talya Press! We officially have another published author in house!

If you missed the news, Hope made her debut as an author and illustrator this week when we launched her first children’s book Mr. Skandinoovy Takes an Exciting Trip to Florida.

Hope with her cake
Hope with her cake

The Launch Success

After years of preparation and months of anticipation, the launch was a success! If you saw our post on Facebook, then you already know what I’m getting at when I say “success”. In terms of success, we’re not focused on the monetary value. Rather, we are focused on the idea that we accomplished what we set out to accomplish. We finished something we said we would do. We didn’t let the umpteen roadblocks that popped up during this journey shut down the project (Although, they definitely slowed the momentum, at times!). We didn’t allow fear or our lack of knowledge to stop us from learning this process of indie publishing! We learned so much more this time around and hope that, moving forward, each time continues to go more smoothly. At long last, Hope was able to share her story and art that she created from the heart. We couldn’t be more excited for her!

Welcome, Mr. Skandinoovy!
Welcome, Mr. Skandinoovy!

Mr. Skandinoovy’s “Birthday”

On the evening of her launch, we surprised Hope with a Dairy Queen cake decorated with one of her very own illustrations of Mr. Skandinoovy. On the cake was the message, “Welcome, Mr. Skandinoovy!” It was really a sweet way to celebrate.

Naturally, before we cut into the cake, our 4-year-old daughter declared that we have to sing “Happy Birthday”. It just didn’t seem right to eat the pretty cake without singing! So, sing we did! And, it made this book launch all the more special for Hope. We thoroughly enjoyed celebrating as a family.
Singing “Happy Birthday” to Mr. Skandinoovy

A HUGE Shout Out to Hope’s Launch Team!

With Hope’s book launch, we tried something different by asking for volunteers for a launch team. The launch team was our support team behind the scenes, and we could feel their encouragement in more ways than one! There are several team members who so graciously completed daily challenges I presented to them during the week leading up to the launch. I’ll be sharing more on that soon! Let’s just say, I look forward to giving each of them a BIG HUG when I see them in person! I can’t even express what it means to me that they were willing to support Hope in the ways that they did.

Hope is Officially an International Author!!

During launch week, I was able to share her book with some of the author communities I’m connected to on social media. Through this, Hope made her first book sale to a fellow indie author in Australia, of all places!! How cool is that??!!

Did you miss the launch?

No problem! You can see her launch page showcased on our Talya Press home page for the time being.

As always, thanks for stopping by!

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