How to Brighten a Day and Leave a Review in 3 Easy Steps

We received a gorgeous bouquet of flowers delivered to our home last week. Complete with a round, smiling emoji vase, yellow daisies and yellow roses, this bouquet was a delightful surprise at the end of a long day. Like icing on a cake, the small card tucked in an envelope in the plastic pic was the sweetest part to savor – a brief message from someone who cared to brighten our day. In this case, an aunt and uncle from California wanted to say congratulations to our family, and especially to Hope, for the launch of her Mr. Skandinoovy book. It was so thoughtful!

A short message goes a long way!
A short message goes a long way!

In the world of independent authors and self-publishing, customer reviews are just as uplifting as receiving a beautiful bouquet of fresh flowers. How can a blurb of someone else’s opinions have that kind of effect? Let’s talk about that, and then I’ll walk you through the easy steps you can follow in order to contribute your own review.

The Power of Customer Reviews

A study shows that 90% of customers say their buying decisions are based on online reviews. Wow! That means 9 out of 10 people weigh in on what others have to say about a product before they make an online purchase. Admittedly, I also rely on customer reviews to help make an informed decision about a product I plan to buy online. Even when I know I’m going to purchase an item, I’m still curious of what others have to say. Reviews are an easy way to get a picture of the quality of the item since we can’t physically hold it in our hands. Often when we shop in a brick and-mortar-store, we use more of our five senses than we think to make a purchasing decision. We can’t do that with online purchases, so reviews become that replacement of our five senses.

Consumers are 84% likely to trust an online review as much as they are a personal recommendation. That means 8 out of 10 people treat an online review to be as trustworthy and a personal recommendation, as reliable as talking face-to-face with someone who says, “You should really buy this item!” An item that has a number of positive reviews tells us that customers are giving their stamp of approval and endorsing a product. Alternately, a product with negative reviews usually keeps us away.

Pay it Forward with a Review

Reviews are the best way to tell an author thank you and that you enjoyed her book. Not only does this encourage the author, but it also informs other readers. Taking five minutes to express your honest opinion will have a lasting effect.

Reviews make us smile!
Reviews make us smile!

Did our latest release make you smile? Did it bring joy to some children you know? We are asking you, our loyal readers, if you would consider taking some time today to visit Mr. Skandinoovy Takes an Exciting Trip to Florida on Amazon and leave an honest review. Please, share how this story made you feel. Ask your children what they liked most about the story and share that. It would sure brighten our day to hear from you. We’ll even walk you through 3 easy steps on how to do it.

First off, there are just a couple of requirements you’ll need to meet in order for you to leave a review:

  • You have to have spent at least $50 through your Amazon account
  • Your review shouldn’t mention anything personal about the author – just focus on the storybook

For those of you who are closely related (ahem… I’m looking at you Schmidgalls), Amazon doesn’t favor reviews from family. But you can still help by recommending our Talya Press LLC Facebook page. Or, you send us a quick note and we can use those reviews elsewhere with your permission.

So, let’s get started…

3 Easy Steps to Leave Your Amazon Review

  1. Go to the Amazon book page for Mr. Skandinoovy Takes an Exciting Trip to Florida
  2. Scroll to the bottom of the book page and click on the button that says “Write a Customer Review” or “Write a Review” (see screen shots below).
Screen shot from computer
Screen shot from computer
Screen shot from iPhone

3. Fill out the review form (it doesn’t need to be long) and click “Submit” (see screen shot below).

Share your review
Share your review

In the review form,

  • you can add a picture (like some of those adorable pics we’ve been receiving of your kids huddled around the book!)
  • pick your rating
  • Add a headline, and…
  • Write your honest review

That’s it! Easy as 1-2-3!

Whose smile is bigger?
Whose smile is bigger?

Don’t miss the adventure with Mr. Skandinoovy! We have already enjoyed hearing the feedback from so many of our readers. If you haven’t left your review yet, would you do that today? We would be so grateful.

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