A Shout Out to My Launch Team

It’s been SIX WEEKS since the launch of Mr. Skandinoovy Takes an Exciting Trip to Florida, and I want to give a shout out to my book launch team. This launch team was made up of a group of people who kindly agreed to share the news and promote my story.

We, at Talya Press, love our supportive launch team members. We appreciate knowing that there are people who care to see us succeed. We were touched by the kind words, prayers, and support that kept us going throughout the entire launch of my book.

Stepping up to the challenge

During the week of my book launch, we sent special challenges to our launch team. Many of the challenges were to “like” and “share” our launch week social media posts! When all challenges were completed, those individuals received a free, signed copy of my book that I hand-delivered to them when it worked out!

I would like to recognize five people who completed each and every one of our challenges.

Giving Jan her signed copy

Jan Nieland was such an encouragement leading up to the launch. She has a special love of writing that inspires me.

Wendy and me

Another person I appreciate from my launch team is Wendy Zierke, who so generously shared my story with others.

Making a special delivery to Della

Della Conroy is an amazing local artist, and she is also my summer art teacher! She has definitely inspired me to grow in my art skills! You can check out her artwork here.

A true support, Uncle Cory

There’s nothing like family for support, and my uncle Cory sure knows how to uplift and encourage people, whether it’s through his Anxiety WOD podcast, a one-on-one conversation, or his silly sense of humor.

Nana, my #1 fan

As some of you may have remembered, I dedicated my book to my nana, Pat Schmidgall. She has mailed out my book to so many different relatives and friends that I’ve lost track! Good old-fashioned snail mail sure gets the job done.

Nana’s hugs are the best!

Besides my launch team, we always enjoy the support that comes from others who are sharing stories like us. Jump on over to my book page to see some pretty cool reviews from fellow children’s book authors.

Reviews are such a great way to hear from our readers! Have you left yours yet? If not, would you go to Amazon to do that, please? It only takes a couple minutes.

I don’t know how we could have done this book launch without a team behind us. Whether it was through prayers, encouraging words, or social media support, I want each one of my launch team members to know how much I appreciate the time given from each and every one of them.

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