The Story Behind the Story of Baby Adventurer

…A playful story began to take shape as I observed life through her eyes…

Experience the gift of new day as Baby Adventurer explores the world around her. Baby is determined to tackle new experiences, even when faced with a setback. This is one baby who knows how to seek adventure in her not-so-ordinary day.

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How it Began

After adding a fourth child to our family, I found myself busier than ever but wanted to do something creative I could call my own. I thought, why not write a book my baby would enjoy? Besides, I’ve always had a dream tucked away deep inside me to someday author a book. As I toyed with this idea, a few guide lines came to mind…

  • It had to be short and playful
  • It should appeal to children, parents, and grandparents alike
  • It needed adorable, colorful illustrations

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The inspiration for my book was based totally and completely on real life in my “mom world”. About the time when Noelle was creeping upon the one-year mark, she was gaining momentum in her newly-promoted toddler stage. It seemed at every turn I was on the lookout for the precarious situations she would finagle herself into. I began to imagine what it must be like in her ever-curious mind. What was she thinking as she was about to face-plant off the edge of the couch? A playful story began to take shape as I observed life through her eyes.

  • Written for children ages 2-6
  • The first book in the Gift of New Day Series
  • A light-hearted glimpse of a busy baby’s day

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Every Review Helps

My goal is to make this little book an Amazon Bestseller, which would increase the likelihood of the 2nd book in the series becoming a reality. 

Three things contribute to this:

  • Number of Sales
  • Number of Downloads
  • Number of reviews

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Most Importantly… I hope you enjoy reading this book. If you have kids or grandkids, I hope it brings a little ray of sunshine into your reading time with them. My desire with this book is that it adds some fun to your reading moments while encouraging your children.

Thank you and happy reading!