Hello! We are glad you’re visiting us! We, at Talya Press, LLC, are a family-owned independent publisher. This venture all began as way to put our educational goals into practice. You see, we do school in our home, much like the old, one-room schoolhouse approach. With a span of 13 years across our five children, books have long become one common way we connect. We strive to foster a culture of reading. Storytelling is just a natural fit in our home. We love reading, we love listening to, and we love telling a good story. Stories, both fiction and non-fiction, play a large part in our everyday life. Stories provide special moments to connect, engage, and relate not only to one another but also to the world around us. Stories spark the imagination and inspire the adventurer within us.

Whether it’s reading the same bedtime story the 50th time in a row, choosing the stack of living books over the workbook, letting our imaginations run wild around the campfire, or reminiscing over our favorite memories of childhood, stories have a way of getting right to the heart. Our mission is to share stories that encourage and lift up others. Our name, Talya, comes from the Hebrew language and means “dew of God”. Dew is always considered a blessing; it’s always encouraging and life-giving, never destructive. So, we start out small, we set goals and do our best to make progress in the midst of doing life together, and we hope our craft can also bring families together through sharing encouraging stories with purpose.


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